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The Importance of Relevant Messaging for Banks and Credit Unions




Digital connectivity can be a game changer for marketing. Financial Institutions can now leverage the power of a connected market as they move to a new marketing model that embraces the digital space and Omnichannel solutions. Nurturing and directing a prospect improves their customer experience through relevant messaging, driving value for the customer. The more an institution knows about the consumer the better. 

This is actually the number one rule of digital engagement. The more you know, the more relevant your engagement response will be to the consumer’s needs and preferences. Three fourths of prospects become instantly irritated with irrelevant content and consider outreach a distraction. Being relevant improves your chances of the prospect moving to the next stage of the customer journey. 

This is accomplished through using navigation depth and time on page as key indicators of interest level in a product type or specific product offering. For example, interacting with content such as educational materials, what if calculators, videos, blogs, or FAQs further quantifies probable interest level or propensity to purchase (PTP).  

Engagement and relevant suggestions help users quickly find a solution that fits their needs and sends a strong message about a financial institution’s ability to offer personalized service. For example, if the consumer’s self-disclosed interest is saving for retirement, an institution might offer educational content such as ‘Seven Keys to Successful Retirement Planning.’ In addition, it can also involve sending an email message, presenting an offer, allowing the prospect access to online appointment scheduling, or making a bank-initiated follow-up call via contact center or branch.  

The ARGO Connects Digital Marketing functionality extends the way a bank or credit union will sell and deliver products and services beyond the initial website touch. First, it detects, identifies, qualifies, engages, and tracks prospects earlier in the customer journey. Second, it reshapes customer experience with targeted messaging and campaigns. Third, it permits data driven management with digital marketing metrics. This data empowers the marketing organization to ensure relevant information is provided to consumers and prospects while also improving weak areas and optimizing areas of digital marketing strength. 

For more information please download our ARGO Connects Digital Marketing Interview Brief.   

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