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Framework for Sales and Sales Performance Management Success in an Omni Environment

sales and sales performance management


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Successful sales and sales performance management supports a financial institution’s growth objectives by providing the tools necessary for branch and outbound contact center staff to be successful with customer acquisition and relationship expansion. Key elements include:

  • Making staff accountable by providing them support for sales and pipeline management and book of business;
  • Providing them complete visibility into accumulated prospect and customer information;
  • Giving them the necessary tools such as daily activity management, referrals management, customer engagement, and contact tracking to monitor progress and advance opportunities based on discovered prospect and customer needs;
  • Ensuring positive customer experience before, during, and after fulfillment including frictionless fulfillment with data accelerators, onboarding, and servicing.

Enterprise and individual sales management can help support staff accountability. Organizations define and distribute sales goals throughout the organization hierarchy from the enterprise level to regions, branches, and individuals. Goals are assigned with targets for product category or type, and dollar or unit volume.

Solutions, such as ARGO’s Connects, capture sales opportunities from detected and self-reported needs. Decision analytics qualify opportunities as leads based on propensity scores. The solution directs qualified leads to a banker’s pipeline, employing workflow to move the lead through the process, automatically routing referrals to appropriate teams or uniquely skilled individuals. The solution monitors service level agreements, sending automated notifications that enforce timely responses by assigned parties.

Pipeline management measures strength and deal-flow velocity by calculating the aggregate closing probability. This probability, combined with analysis of prior period results, enables accurate pipeline forecasting including all types of sales opportunities, both system and human generated. Banker dashboards provide insight into pipeline, achievement against goals, and active campaigns and referrals.

Management dashboards provide a macro view of organizational performance. Managers identify goal achievement risk and opportunities for improvement through drill down metrics. Management is able to monitor sales performance at an enterprise, region, branch, or individual level, from lead through conversion.

For more information download the “Improving Sales and Sales Performance Management" interview with David Engebos, President and COO of ARGO.


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