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How Financial Institutions Benefit from ARGO Connects Consumer Lending Solution

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Omnichannel, Compliance

ARGO Connects Consumer Lending optimizes a financial institution’s ability to prospect, originate, underwrite, process, and close secured and unsecured credit cards, lines of credit, and installment loans in an Omni‑channel delivery ecosystem. Financial institutions gain a competitive advantage through seamless origination, decisioning, processing, and closing for all types of consumer loans, improving efficiencies and streamlining customer‑to‑banker collaboration.

Financial institutions of all sizes benefit from:

  • A simplified loan origination process – Guiding customers and staff members through each phase improves customer satisfaction and increases close rates.

  • Increased accuracy – Eliminating data rekeying reduces errors and oversights.

  • Improved customer engagement – Triggering staff actions and automating workflows improves customer engagement.

  • Enhanced customer experience – Reducing paper-based processes across channels streamlines processes and the overall experience.

  • Strengthened governance, risk, and compliance – Establishing consistent processes aligned to regulatory requirements enables institutions to meet compliance and governance expectations.

  • 360-degree customer visibility – Equipping bankers with 360-degree customer visibility enhances management and expansion of relationships with targeted product recommendations aligned to customer needs.

  • Improved management insight – Providing robust drill-down and drill-through KPIs, reporting, and visualization dashboards equips management with a comprehensive customer profile view.

  • Increased staff productivity and efficiency – Optimizing staff utilization with analytics and workflow balances technology and human resource allocation based on customer need type and complexity.

  • Reduced booking errors and inconsistencies – Automating the loan boarding process to the servicing platform reduces data re-entry.

With ARGO Connects, financial institutions meet their customers’ needs, increase productivity and efficiency, enhance revenue, and strengthen governance.

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