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How Financial Institutions Can Turn Misaligned Customer Journeys into Competitive Advantages




Technology and predictive analytics are opening new opportunities for customer engagement and helping banks and credit unions overcome the issue of misalignment in the customer journey.

Today, customer‑centric functionality is needed to support engagement across every customer journey stage and this level of support consists of:

  • Engaging customers earlier in the customer journey stages of awareness and consideration via digital sensory technology and intelligent marketing;
  • Expanding customer insight using tools like personal financial planners and intelligent questionnaires;
  • Providing relevant and personalized content through proactive automation for unique engagement;
  • Integrating branch and call center human resources into an expanded, Omni-channel, collaborative delivery system;
  • Producing new application‑level solutions to make financial institutions more attractive to their customer and prospect base;
  • Improving operational efficiency and cost‑effectiveness;
  • Detecting and mitigating risk;
  • Quantifying and reporting probable attrition;
  • Improving management KPI metrics; and
  • Modernizing technology infrastructure.

To reduce abandonment rates, automation and rapid response technologies are needed. Our Sales & Service 2020 solution consists of solutions designed to help financial institutions solve these very issues. Our personal financial planning application is goal‑centric, targeting customer needs during the consideration and decision‑making stages. The customer self‑service and employee‑assisted Omni fulfillment provides essential customer satisfaction benefits of both convenience and assistance, reducing potential friction and abandonment loss during the decision stage. Automated online customer questionnaires and error detection support the service stage by providing early warning mechanisms for potential customer dissatisfaction. Feedback triggers human and/or automated campaigns depending on customer and opportunity value, proactively initiating outreach to increase satisfaction.

Negative feedback and error detection also feed ARGO’s customer retention management solution, which applies predictive analytics to more than 60 customer events to reduce the risk of attrition by initiating preventative actions. CRM supports all customer journey stages for the lifetime of the relationship.

Having these solutions available enable financial institutions to focus on ensuring they provide a customer-centric business model to remain competitive and relevant in today’s market.

For more information, please download our Connects Overview Solution Brief.

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