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Lead Generation: Detecting and Engaging Prospects and Customers Based on Digitally-Sensed Needs

Lead Generation Engaging Consumers Based on Digitally-Sensed Needs


Predictive Analytics, Automation, Lead Generation

One of the major consumer complaints about traditional digital marketing methods is an over-reliance on a sales-centric or advertising-heavy approach, leaving consumers feeling disconnected or worse. The one-size-fits-all approach prevalent in the industry misses opportunities to meet customer needs through digital sensory technology, intelligent marketing, automated decisioning, and balanced automated and human engagement.

Implementing an automated customer journey-centric solution enables FIs to better manage their digital lead generation. Such a solution enhances customer experience and improves the precision and effectiveness of marketing capabilities through a consumer-centric, technology-driven strategy. Lead generation drives value through relevant personalized messaging that influences and guides consumers along their journey from the early stages through ongoing relationship expansion. Lead generation solutions can leverage the financial institution’s existing website to increase lead capture and conversions by identifying and tracking individual consumers beginning with their first visit. Through continual collection of consumer insight and relevant data, and by employing analytics and automated decisioning, solutions drive personalized and timely engagement to enhance customer experience and increase conversion probability.

With an automated solution in place, FIs benefit from:

  • Earlier customer engagement
  • Personalized and relevant content
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Timely communication through preferred channels
  • Increased lead generation and relationship expansion
  • Optimized staff usage
  • Continuous performance improvement through tracking

ARGO Connects provides a customer journey-centric solution for acquiring customers, nurturing and converting leads, supporting ongoing customer engagement, fulfilling accounts, and retaining, growing, and servicing consumer and business customers in an Omni-delivery ecosystem. For more information, download the “Connects Lead Generation” solution brief.

Download ARGO's Lead Generation Solution Brief