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Sales and Sales Management in an Omni-Channel Environment

Sales and Sales Management


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In an Omni-channel environment, successful financial institutions deliver consistent customer interactions and experience enterprise-wide. They use a customer journey-centric solution for acquiring customers, nurturing and converting leads, supporting ongoing customer engagement, fulfilling accounts, and retaining, growing, and servicing consumer and business customers.

Customer behavioral and needs analysis from digital sensory technology and self-reported mechanisms, and accumulated through digital and staff channels, empowers institutions to narrow product and service recommendations based on customer priorities, preferences, and immediate needs. Analytics expand customer knowledge to generate personalized offers and deliver timely, needs-based recommendations through automated and human channels. Robust functionality optimizes staff utilization and acquisition success enterprise wide. FIs can benefit from:

  • Improved Engagement Results
    Marketing teams can effectively disseminate campaigns to targeted audience groups and track results for effectiveness. Incorporating offer information within the customer’s profile provides staff access to offer history and increases acceptance rates.

  • Retargeting and Converting Abandoned Online Applications
    Utilizing customer information from online account applications abandoned prior to submission enables automated campaigns to retarget the prospect or customer within minutes of abandonment.

  • Strengthening Customer Interactions
    Intuitive functionality helps position employees as trusted advisors, turning every interaction into an opportunity to expand the customer relationship.

  • Communicating Opportunities Consistently
    Having a real-time at-a-glance summary of customers and their relationship activity equips employees for powerful customer interactions that provide a “know me” experience, regardless of the interaction channel.

  • Routing and Managing Referrals
    Institutions can seamlessly route, manage, track, and measure referral quality across channels. These tools help staff accumulate and route information pertinent to the referral and progress the opportunity through the sales funnel.

  • Monitoring Sales Teams and Forecasting Results in Real Time
    Organizations define goals, which can be distributed throughout the organization hierarchy from the enterprise level to regions, branches, and individuals.

Successful sales organizations know that nurturing relationships is a true win/win. The Connects Sales and Sales Management solution identifies and routes opportunities appropriately through digital and human channels, driving acquisition by focusing on meeting customer needs and expanding relationships through lead generation, conversion, and insight.

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