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Small Business and Commercial Lending As A Growth Driver and Area to Proactively Manage Risk



Commercial Lending

Due to their size and complexity, small business and commercial loans are more time-consuming to originate and manage over the life of the loan and typically comprise a larger share of the balance sheet compared to their consumer-focused counterparts. They also drive an outsized share of profits and balance sheet risk as well. 

Business and commercial loans and deposits continue to be a top growth priority among banks in 2020, according to Cornerstone Advisors. Due to a high demand by both lenders and borrowers, 2020’s commercial lending activity, both in originations and modifications is anticipated to exceed 2019 because of COVID-19. 
Our own Todd Robertson had the opportunity to dive into the key areas of business and commercial lending that banks and credit unions can focus on to grow and manage their lending portfolios in 2020 in Bank BUSINESS NEWS.   


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