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The Importance of Customer Centricity in a Digital World




While customer centricity is not necessarily a new term, many institutions are struggling to truly understand what it means to be customer-centric in today’s digital-driven banking environment. Developing a customer-centric business strategy prioritizes the customer’s needs to build long-term, more profitable relationships based on the delivery of consistently positive user experience. This is increasingly important as research indicates that today’s consumers have increasing expectations regarding how they are treated, and they demand a high level of satisfaction from their service providers.

Banks and credit unions can ensure their customers and members are satisfied with their experience by leveraging customer behavior detection mechanisms within digital marketing components. An effective strategy for achieving this leverages automation in combination with the human touch to generate more meaningful interactions that produce more positive customer and member experience.

Our own Todd Robertson had the opportunity to dive into the effective strategies financial institutions should implement to achieve a customer-centric model in Credit Union BUSINESS News.  

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