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The Importance of Third-Party Provider’s Commitment to Compliance for Financial Institutions

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The banking and financial services industry continues to experience an unprecedented volume of regulatory change, both in scope and complexity. ARGO understands that an essential element of being a strong compliance partner is communication. Our compliance team continually monitors the regulatory agencies for new regulations as well as for changes and updates that not only affect our solutions, but also impact our clients.   

Our Regulatory Compliance Program is designed to help strengthen client Compliance Management Systems (CMS) and to help clients avoid regulatory violations. The Compliance Program consists of activities such as:    

  • Proactively monitoring the regulatory environment for upcoming changes  
  • Planning for and delivering timely software updates  
  • Collaborating with clients to hold both individual and collective design and feedback sessions   
  • Maintaining product alignment with regulatory compliance requirements 
  • Periodic customer support bulletins  
  • Timely collaboration sessions  
  • Delivery of source code and design artifacts for product integration  
  • Optional product integration services 


To implement and maintain compliance responsibilities and best practices, ARGO supports a client’s CMS by automating activities previously handled by employees and managers. Automation improves processes such as collecting and aggregating data and generating forms and reports. Automation also allows financial institutions to address compliance management in a proactive manner, preventing potential violations.  
ARGO continuously assesses the potential impact of new regulations and regulatory changes on its products and services, which includes focus on impact to data collection and reporting. Assessment also includes review of potential changes to disclosure requirements that may require corresponding changes in ARGO solutions. ARGO then creates the solution strategy and business designs to address necessary enhancements that enable institutions to remain compliant.  


Our compliance team engages with customer peer groups to monitor, interpret, and support federal regulatory compliance changes in our solutions. Communication occurs regularly through bulletins, peer group conference calls, and individual consultations. In addition to publishing supporting documents, ARGO hosts frequent business design group teleconferences to collaborate with customers on new or modified regulations. The ARGO compliance team also consults with individual customers, providers, resellers, and technology partners to address specific compliance issues as they arise.  


After soliciting feedback, and gathering information, the team develops enhancements to embed compliance support and process automation into our solutions. ARGO delivers these enhancements through planned releases to ensure that clients are constantly in compliance with the ever-changing regulatory expectations.   
Keeping up with regulatory changes is a time consuming and cumbersome initiative, so having a third-party provider, or partner, that you can trust to manage the process is not only efficient, but provides peace of mind for your financial institution.   


For more information on our Compliance Program, see our Compliance Support Bulletin.


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