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Why Clean Healthcare Data Matters – and Why Tomorrow Won’t Look Like Yesterday




With the annual AHIMA Health Data and Information conference only a week away, we at ARGO are looking forward to engaging in conversations with many of you onsite in Chicago. As is the case in many industries, the volume and importance of data as a business asset continues to grow for Accountable Care Organizations, especially as Value-Based Contracts play an increasing role in determining an entity’s billings and profitability.

With 4,500 professionals on site and focused on the issues surrounding Health Information Management, AHIMA provides a wonderful opportunity for the exchange of breakthrough ideas and food for thought on how best to move your own organization forward. With more than a dozen topical tracks to choose from, there’s literally something on the agenda for everyone in the healthcare field. Nonetheless, here are a few key themes that have caught our eye.      

Integrity, Privacy, Analytics

Several of the terms making repeat appearances across the agenda include the word “data.” Data privacy is a necessity not only for regulatory purposes but also to preserve customer confidence. Data integrity is essential for patient safety, and also to ensure that proper decisions- both care and business oriented- are being made. The science of data analytics provides the glue tying it all together accurately and efficiently.

These happen to be areas to which ARGO devotes significant time and energy creating solutions to address healthcare’s modern day challenges. For instance, one AHIMA session focuses on Strategies to Reduce Hospital Readmissions. Achieving this goal translates to better care outcomes, better financial outcomes and higher patient satisfaction. Ready access to accurate and comprehensive data- on a real-time basis across all providers involved in the care equation- is a fundamental building block in order to make this happen. 

Another intriguing session explores lessons that can be learned from the likes of Uber, AirBnB and other noted innovators. Although healthcare is a unique discipline, it would be folly not to leverage breakthroughs in customer service and data analytics made by these recognized leaders and look for ways to adapt them for a patient setting. Conferences like AHIMA offer a wonderful opportunity to engage in such outside-the-box thinking. 

Leading the Team into a Brave New World

The session title that perhaps best encapsulates the number one takeaway for this year’s conference is housed under the Disruptions in Healthcare track: “Tomorrow Doesn’t Look Much Like Yesterday.” It’s ostensibly a leadership and workforce management session, but the concept applies much more broadly. It’s no secret that the US medical care infrastructure continues to evolve, across both the patient-facing network as well as in the back office. New skill sets are required to navigate the evolving landscape, as well as to harness the power of new tools and techniques continually being introduced- not to mention the swelling number of regulatory mandates.  

Professional development is key to enabling staff to develop the multi-specialist skills to manage the increased information governance and accountability requirements that accompany this new reality. As in most fields, the growing importance of data is an irresistible force that poses both opportunities and challenges. Teams are looking for leadership and direction on how best to proceed for the good of both the organization and their own careers. AHIMA is a great venue for such discussions, and we at ARGO look forward to being part of those conversations and sharing our perspectives.

If you would like to learn more, make sure to visit us at the AHIMA Conference at booth 1016.