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4 Key Omni-Channel Trends Impacting Financial Institution Strategies

4 Key Omni-Channel Trends Impacting Financial Institution Strategies


Omnichannel, Digital Listening

In today’s financial services environment, more than 71 percent of customers expect a personalized customer experience within an Omni-channel ecosystem. Digital banking adoption and product sales doubled during the past two years. The increased use of self-service technology has confirmed that the prospect/customer is outside a bank’s conventional purchase funnel paradigm.

To achieve a competitive advantage, we have to leverage earlier customer needs awareness by digitally listening to their behavior and feedback. In a market with increasing digital consumer preference, research shows digital consumers are 60 percent through the buying process and have researched two to three competitors before they moved to a fulfillment step with an institution.

As we rethink and align our priorities for 2022, we should reimagine engagement models and the use of modern web technology to harness the digital economy at work.

Our own Todd Robertson had the opportunity to dive into the four high-value areas that will differentiate customer experiences and drive value in 2022 in Financial Brand.