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Importance of Customer Knowledge Accumulated Through Digital and Staff Channels for Financial Institutions

Importance of Accumulated Customer Knowledge to FIs


Omnichannel, Digital Listening

 While digital adoption reduces staff contact with customers, a consolidated view of customer information and activity increases the staff’s ability to optimize customer interaction. To accomplish this, FIs should utilize a solution that provides a 360-degree view of institutional knowledge, which includes information obtained through digital and human channels.

Robust customer knowledge includes:

  • Products of interest and propensity-to-purchase derived through digital sensory technology and staff input;
  • Self-disclosed financial goals from digital personal financial planning solutions;
  • Accumulated satisfaction scores submitted through intelligent questionnaires;
  • Automated and staff-initiated customer engagement;
  • Upcoming appointments and topics of interest submitted through online schedulers;
  • Calculated customer attrition risk.

This information provides bankers powerful visibility into customer needs and the state of the relationship to uplift the level of service. It also equips staff to increase engagement relevance by focusing on immediate needs and long-term financial goals, deepening the relationship, and building trust.


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