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The Evolving Role of the Branch and Contact Centers

Evolving Role of Branch and Contact Center


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Historically, branches have been high volume transaction processing centers and the primary vehicle for account fulfillment and servicing. As the need and demand for digital self-service options increase, FIs need to continue to expand their reach to create and implement a seamless Omni-channel approach to transaction processing, enabling them to effectively meet customer needs wherever they choose to transact business.

For example, an Omni-channel solution enhances customer experience and increases banker efficiency by allowing customers to resume a partially completed account application, started through digital channels, but completed with the assistance of branch staff. These solutions also offer bankers a universal desktop providing seamless access to monetary transactions, services functionality, sales, fulfillment, and advisory support from a single touchpoint. This eliminates roadblocks associated with switching software applications or moving to a different physical station. The banker can focus engagement with the customer to meet needs and reduce customer friction caused by unnecessary wait times.

For institutions that have modified the physical layout of the branch to accommodate the evolving branch role, such a solution enables a banker to handle the full spectrum of the customer needs for that branch visit from a single location.

 The role of the contact center has also evolved. Contact center staff increasingly stand in the gap between digital and branch services by providing issue resolution services and direct support of digital channels. Contact center agents can access digital account applications directly in Omni-channel solutions to answer customer questions and resolve issues without the time and effort of switching between multiple software systems. This allows them to focus on the customer and serve them more quickly, increasing satisfaction and decreasing call times.

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