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How FIs Optimize Engagement through Timely and Relevant Content


Omnichannel, Predictive Analytics, Digital Listening

As the use of digital channels continues to accelerate, financial institutions recognize the need for campaigns to ensure engagement is timely, targeted, and relevant to customer needs.

Essential campaign components and features ensure financial institution engagement strategies deliver success in acquiring leads; assessing and meeting customer needs; obtaining important information and converting opportunities; communicating policy changes; retaining customers and expanding relationships.

A successful campaign framework includes six key components:

  1. Message Relevance drives campaigns based on known customer interests;
  2. Target Audience Selection ensures the right individual customer or customer population receives the right communication;
  3. Breadth of Distribution Options optimize method effectiveness and strategic use of technology and human assets;
  4. Calls-To-Action provide customers easy access to offers, education, financial planning, and online appointment scheduling;
  5. Customer Follow-Up equips the institution with valuable customer feedback to measure relevance and satisfaction with processes, products, and services; and
  6. Management Insight Metrics empower continual process improvement for the institution.

ARGO Connects enables FIs to extend customer acquisition, experience, fulfillment, and service capability to customers, members, and prospects across their journey stages in an Omni-channel delivery ecosystem. ARGO Connects campaigns enhance customer experience through strategic, customer-centric communication and intelligent decision technology.

For more information on this topic, download the Staying Customer Connected interview with David Engebos, President and COO of ARGO.

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