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How Financial Institutions and Healthcare Organizations Can Mitigate the Threat of System Downtime

System Downtime


Operational Reliability

With so many layers of interlocking systems and databases within the healthcare and banking sectors, the need to implement a “watchful eye” to prevent outages, system malfunctions, and exploits has become a mission-critical concern.

Implementing an analytical software solution that can detect problems before they occur, assist in the discovery and problem resolution phase, as well as provide a finalized and comprehensive report is of paramount importance to organizations who simply cannot afford downtime.  ARGO recently addressed this issue in detail by highlighting real-world examples featured in its white paper: Operational Reliability Results - EDMS.

In evaluating best practices, ARGO identifies four key steps to help strengthen operational reliability:

  • Predict - Discovering the issues before they can take root, whether that is a negative trend, anomalous data points, or degradation in performance of key hardware. Additionally, the continuous verification of health, status, and connectivity of production applications;
  • React - Immediately and instantaneously responding to issues identified in the “Predict” phase. Virtually eliminates reaction time, allowing for meaningful diagnostic data interpretation;
  • Recover – Isolation and resolution of the problems/issues discovered in the “React” phase, as well providing mitigation and resolution of short and long-term issues. Allows for the applications and servers to resume normal processes and processing of queued data; and
  • Report – Conducting detailed trend analysis, past incident and peer comparisons, as well as capturing key operational and performance metrics acquired throughout the process. Additionally, this step aids in the ERP process and supports hardware, network, and software maintenance and replacement.

Our experience is that, while there is no single “be all, end all” solution to manage problem prediction and eradication with absolute certainty, there are solutions and methodologies that can be implemented to vastly reduce the prevalence and occurrence of problems.

To learn more, we invite you to view an Operational Reliability video that shows ARGO’s EDMS (Early Detection Monitoring Service) solution in action.