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How Financial Institutions Can Meet the Needs of Business Customers with Omni-Channel Solutions

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In the highly competitive Omni ecosystem, relevance has become a key factor in successfully acquiring customers and meeting their needs. For business customers, achieving relevance is increasingly complex, depending on factors such as company size, industry, legal structure, and stakeholder relationships, which impact everything from processing, to needs handling, to fulfillment and credit options, to risk management.

A successful Omni-delivery solution is one that scales to meet business customer needs, balancing technology-based automation with human interaction. An Omni-channel solution can help banks better serve business customers through:

  • Expanded information gathering for relationship management, ensuring timely and relevant customer engagement;
  • Enhanced deposit services including monetary processing functionality for currency handling, night deposit, and transaction processing;
  • Automated credit workflow and processing to accommodate complex business models and deal structures; and
  • Strengthened risk management with robust traditional and fileless positive pay and fraud prevention functionality.

ARGO Connects equips financial institutions with the ability to acquire, secure, and cater to the complex needs of their business customers. For more information view ARGO Connects, Meeting the Specialized Needs of Business Customers, interview brief.


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