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Optimizing Omni-Channel Business Lending



Omnichannel, Business Banking

Financial institutions today lack a well-executed business strategy for Omni delivery including seamless start-stop-resume functionality across digital and human channels. In fact, many institutions do not allow their business customers to open DDA accounts or originate loans through digital channels.

To remain competitive, successful institutions leverage a well-designed Omni-delivery strategy that scales to meet business needs, balancing technology-based automation with human interaction. An Omni-channel solution can help banks better serve business customers and optimize business lending by:


  • Providing Omni-channel delivery for convenient start, save, and resume fully integrated digital and human assisted origination;
  • Granting online appointment scheduling to assist with the complex needs of the business customer;
  • Originating secured and unsecured credit cards, lines of credit, installment loans, and construction financing for all entity types, including sole-proprietors, associations, co-ops, partnerships, and LLCs.;
  • Enabling flexible lending amounts;
  • Accommodating entity structures with multilevel signer requirements;
  • Analyzing the borrower’s financial position, taking into consideration any new proposed debt and providing sensitivity analysis to potential interest rate, revenue, and expense shocks for process controls, compliance, and policy adherence;
  • Producing an audit record of the financial analysis used in decision making;
  • Automating decisioning based on the financial institution’s policies, business rules, and credit risk models; and
  • Providing a seamless workflow that enables the institution to offer life-of-loan business lending.


ARGO’s Connects solution equips the financial institution with the ability to acquire, secure, and cater to the complex needs of their business customers. For more information, view the “ARGO Connects, Meeting the Specialized Needs of Business Customers” interview brief.


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