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How FIs Can Manage Customer Experience in a Digital Environment


Omnichannel, Predictive Analytics, Digital Listening

While measuring activity and behavior seems relatively intuitive, quantifying customer experience may appear more daunting. However, customer experience in the digital environment has shifted from a vague consumer term to a well-researched topic with eighteen quantifiable factors.

We classify these factors into two categories—ten satisfiers and eight dissatisfiers.


In many cases, causes of dissatisfaction factor more heavily with customers considering attrition. Careful management of both satisfiers and dissatisfiers reduces risk to revenue and reputation. Connects directly impacts seven of the ten satisfiers and indirectly impacts the other three, including personal care, post‑purchase process, and access to knowledgeable personnel. The solution directly impacts six of the eight dissatisfiers and indirectly impacts the other two, including price and inadequate human access.

Customer survey feedback loops digitally detect and derive events that may contribute to satisfaction and dissatisfaction. The solution calculates a predictive attrition risk score based on these measurable events to provide insight into potential risk factors and loss. Root cause detail information allows the institution to mitigate risk factors, optimize satisfaction, and increase customer retention.

For more information, download the “Optimizing Performance Through Management Insightinterview with David Engebos, President and COO of ARGO.


Optimizing Performance  Through Management Insight