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Meeting Customer Needs with a Digital Solution

proactively meeting needs with a digital solution


Predictive Analytics, Digital Listening

Digital sensory technology is capable of “listening” to customers in order to detect intent and propensity signals. Analytics interprets detected and self-reported information and converts what is learned into an understanding of customer needs.

Connects Customer Engagement (CE) takes appropriate action to meet identified needs. CE utilizes customer knowledge to inform personalized engagement strategies through digital and human channels to suggest best next steps, provide educational content, and anticipate needs in order to provide timely support.

Customer knowledge is learned and understood through digital and human channels at every stage of the customer journey. Knowledge without action fails to meet customer needs, so action is key. Consider several examples:

  • When digital sensory detects a high level of intent and propensity, the solution interprets needs and deploys a targeted sales campaign tailored to meet the customer’s needs. Engagement might include website banners, emails, SMS, or a personal call from branch or contact center staff.

  • In the event that a customer begins and then abandons the process of fulfilling an account online, a retargeting plan offering guidance and assistance meets the customer where they are and assists and influences them to return and complete the application. It directs communication through preferred channels, optimizing timing during the early stages of the customer journey while avoiding communication fatigue.

  • Intelligent questionnaires and surveys provide information regarding customer needs as well as satisfaction with products, services, and transactions. Once the solution learns the customer needs through these questionnaires and surveys, it responds intelligently, routing through automation or staff assistance, by meeting those needs with information or follow up.

  • Online appointment scheduling capability provides a convenient way for a customer to schedule time to meet with a banker at a location of the customer’s choosing. This provides the customer personal engagement along their journey.

  • In the event that satisfaction signals result in a high Predictive Attrition Score (PAR), the solution identifies and mitigates unmet needs and expectations to automate saving at-risk customer relationships.

For more information, download the Proactively Meeting Customer Needs” interview with David Engebos, President and COO of ARGO.


Download ARGO's interview with David Engebos