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ARGO Connects Helps FIs Manage Reputational Risk Associated with Operational Reliability

how FIs can minimize operational disruption


Fraud, Omnichannel, Predictive Analytics

Connects monitors roughly 250 KPIs related to operational performance. The solution mitigates reputational risk in three ways:

  1. It modernizes customer-centric functionality aligned to today’s consumer preferences, allowing the customer greater self-serve options through digital and human channels.
  2. It monitors fraud patterns and fraud detection accuracy, which allows continuous predictive accuracy.
  3. ARGO’s operational monitoring service maintains high operational reliability, availability, and responsiveness.

ARGO’s Early Detection Monitoring Service (EDMS) was developed with the objective of reducing engagement time related to diagnosing and resolving operational issues. ARGO’s support service eliminates common outage disruption, reduces customer friction, and minimizes dissatisfaction.

Based on our proactive detection, we are the first to identify and respond to production issues—ARGO responds 71 percent of the time (and climbing) before the customer is aware of an issue. ARGO actively monitors roughly 25 billion network transactions each year. In the last twelve months, ARGO customers experienced 99.997 percent operational reliability for ARGO servers, and we predictively identified 65 percent of issues that would have resulted in outages, preventing over 140,000 hours of desktop outages. This high level of operational performance enhances reputation with consumers.

For more information, download the “Optimizing Performance Through Management Insightinterview with David Engebos, President and COO of ARGO.


Optimizing Performance  Through Management Insight