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Successfully Managing Service Requests in an Omni-Delivery Environment

Successfully Managing Service Requests in an Omni-Delivery Environment


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Responsiveness to customer needs influences satisfaction. Service Level Agreement (SLA) adherence ensures that needs are met accurately, completely, and in a timely manner. Complexity drives whether needs can be met online in real time or are automatically routed through appropriate work queues for staff assistance.

Performance quantification and monitoring, and early alerts to upcoming SLA slippage, empower the institution to increase performance and minimize customer frustration and attrition risk.

Successful service request workflow hinges on optimizing staff utilization. Automated routing and prioritization through appropriate queues ensure the right staff with the right skills is addressing the service request at the right time.

Efficient service support also requires timely and accurate responses. Traditional paper-based processes increase failure rates due to mishandling, inaccuracies, and reliance on employee knowledge. An Omni-channel environment can aggravate these constraints.

Service request initiation may originate through digital or staff assisted channels depending on user preference and need complexity. A digital solution should include work queue management, notifications, alerts, service level agreement (SLA) management and tracking, work assignment, performance throughput metrics, regulatory compliance, auditability, production, proof of process, exception handling, solutions involving digital to human, front and back office, integration points and high team collaboration.

Work queues increase staff efficiency by directing tasks to appropriate resources based on defined business rules and decision based routing. Teams work tasks and perform maintenance within SLA parameters ensuring customer satisfaction.


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