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The Role of the Branch in an Omni Delivery Model

Role of the Branch in an Omni Delivery Model


Omnichannel, Predictive Analytics, Fulfillment

Human integration in an Omni-delivery strategy becomes a major pillar of a successful customer delivery strategy. Integration means seamlessly embedded and is much different from a stand-alone model. This model starts with having a universal desktop allowing authorized employees to perform any function in a branch, including sales, monetary, fulfillment, and service. The customer has access to human services that are fully integrated with the digital solution.

The customer data platform is the other key pillar in that any specific channel information is available across the enterprise. Omni workflow then is the next pillar, allowing start-stop cross-channel fulfillment. Additional capability for optimizing human and digital includes automated appointment scheduling and follow-up reminders to minimize no-shows, blending automated and human onboarding activities, and formulating outbound call information, often driven by market segment and customer value information.

ARGO’s comprehensive fulfillment and abandonment processes use automated and human interfaces to respond to customer needs, improve customer service, increase customer satisfaction through enhanced customer experience, and provide guidance for both consumer and business segments.

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