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Simplifying and Protecting the Customer Self-Service Fulfillment Processes for Banks and Credit Unions

Digital Marketing: The Importance of Relevant Messaging for Banks and Credit Unions

The Five Elements of Customer Engagement for Financial Institutions

How IBERIABANK Reduced Fraud with ARGO OASIS

Helping Financial Institutions Transition to a Digital-Centric Marketing Strategy

How Digital is Driving a New Business Model for Banks

The Importance of Third-Party Provider’s Commitment to Compliance for Financial Institutions

The Need for Financial Institutions to Adopt a Digital Strategy in a Diverse Consumer Landscape

Small Business and Commercial Lending As A Growth Driver and Area to Proactively Manage Risk

How Financial Institutions Can Turn Misaligned Customer Journeys into Competitive Advantages

The Role of the Branch in Today’s Changing Customer Engagement Model

How Automation Enhances the Customer Journey

For Financial Institutions, It’s a Customer Journey, Not a Destination

Why Financial Institutions Need to Understand the New Customer Engagement Model

Controlling Bogus Data in the Healthcare Industry

Why Are Healthcare Information Exchanges Not Meeting Expectations?

Health Data: Do More Records = Better Performance?

The Need for a Truly Unique Patient Identifier

How Financial Institutions and Healthcare Organizations Can Mitigate the Threat of System Downtime

Credit Underwriting: Improving Transparency and Avoiding Bias Through Automation

How Mitigating Process Risk Drives Profitability for Commercial Lenders

How Soon Is Now? Meeting Client Expectations with Automated Credit Underwriting

Why Clean Healthcare Data Matters – and Why Tomorrow Won’t Look Like Yesterday

The Pros and Cons of Machine Learning

The Key to Bank and Customer Health in the Fight Against Synthetic Identity Fraud

Artificial Intelligence: You’ve Got the Data – Put It to Work!

Will Digital Fulfillment Banking Technology Embrace the New Online Generation?

Using Machine Learning to Combat Third-Party Fraud

Leveraging Decision Support Software to Improve Risk Management and Performance

How EMPI is Tackling the Duplicate Records Problem in Healthcare

FinServ, FinTech and Omni-Banking Take Center Stage at Digital Banking 2019

Establishing New Customer Relationships: Balancing Inclusion and Risk Against Fraud Avoidance

Six Troubling Customer Stats That Could Improve Your Bank’s Digital Fulfillment Strategy

A National Patient Registry, and Other Ways to Solve Inaccurate Medical Records

Ensuring Data Integrity Through Better Healthcare Technology

Bankers are Ready for Commercial Lending, but What About Their Technology?

Banking Compliance: The More Things Change….

Reducing Patient Readmission Risk through Better Data Analytics

Leveraging Predictive Analytics in Banking and Healthcare

Improving Operational Efficiency Through Workflow Automation

Bridging the Gap Between Fraud Prevention and Anti-Money Laundering

Adopting Better Technology for Point of Sale Lending

Getting More Positive About Fraud Prevention

Lessons Learned From 4 Digital Banking Technology Initiatives

Overcoming Common Challenges To Improve Omni-Channel Lending

Banking Technology: Gauging the True Impact of Your Bank’s Digital Initiatives

HIMSS19: Healthcare Technology’s Role in Improving Patient Experience

A Six-Pronged Strategy for Preventing Fraudulent Electronic Transactions

Does Your Healthcare Information Management System Mitigate Medical Record Duplication?

Improving Patient Record Accuracy with Enhanced Healthcare Technology

No Offense Intended- Balancing Fraud Prevention and Customer Experience

How Banks Can Move the Needle on Fraud Protection

Staying Ahead of Check Schemes with Better Fraud Detection

Determining What Customers Want Through Self Service Banking Technology

Integrating Better Commercial Lending Software To Boost Your Organization’s Bottom Line

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