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Improving Patient Record Accuracy with Enhanced Healthcare Technology

Does Your Healthcare Information Management System Mitigate Medical Record Duplication?

A Six-Pronged Strategy for Preventing Fraudulent Electronic Transactions

HIMSS19: Healthcare Technology’s Role in Improving Patient Experience

Banking Technology: Gauging the True Impact of Your Bank’s Digital Initiatives

Overcoming Common Challenges To Improve Omni-Channel Lending

No Offense Intended- Balancing Fraud Prevention and Customer Experience

How Banks Can Move the Needle on Fraud Protection

Staying Ahead of Check Schemes with Better Fraud Detection

Determining What Customers Want Through Self Service Banking Technology

Integrating Better Commercial Lending Software To Boost Your Organization’s Bottom Line

Lessons Learned From 4 Digital Banking Technology Initiatives

Getting More Positive About Fraud Prevention

Adopting Better Technology for Point of Sale Lending

Bridging the Gap Between Fraud Prevention and Anti-Money Laundering

Improving Operational Efficiency Through Workflow Automation

Leveraging Predictive Analytics in Banking and Healthcare

Reducing Patient Readmission Risk through Better Data Analytics

How Financial Institutions and Healthcare Organizations Can Mitigate the Threat of System Downtime

The Need for a Truly Unique Patient Identifier

Health Data: Do More Records = Better Performance?

Why Are Healthcare Information Exchanges Not Meeting Expectations?

Controlling Bogus Data in the Healthcare Industry

For Financial Institutions, It’s a Customer Journey, Not a Destination

The Role of the Branch in Today’s Changing Customer Engagement Model

How Automation Enhances the Customer Journey

How Financial Institutions Can Turn Misaligned Customer Journeys into Competitive Advantages

Why Financial Institutions Need to Understand the New Customer Engagement Model

Small Business and Commercial Lending As A Growth Driver and Area to Proactively Manage Risk

The Need for Financial Institutions to Adopt a Digital Strategy in a Diverse Consumer Landscape

The Importance of Third-Party Provider’s Commitment to Compliance for Financial Institutions

How Digital is Driving a New Business Model for Banks

Helping Financial Institutions Transition to a Digital-Centric Marketing Strategy

How IBERIABANK Reduced Fraud with ARGO OASIS

The Five Elements of Customer Engagement for Financial Institutions

Digital Marketing: The Importance of Relevant Messaging for Banks and Credit Unions

Simplifying and Protecting the Customer Self-Service Fulfillment Processes for Banks and Credit Unions

How Banks and Credit Unions Can Protect the Fulfillment Process Through Digital Issue Detection

Protecting the Consumer and the Financial Institution by Preventing Identity Theft

Texas Bank Enhances Retail Banking Experience and Strengthens Security Posture with ARGO’s Solution Suite

How Banks and Credit Unions Can Align their Customer Delivery Strategy to Ensure Satisfaction and Continued Growth

For Financial Institutions, the Importance of Customer-Centricity in a Digital World

How FIs Can Manage Customer Experience in a Digital Environment

How do Actionable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Drive Financial Institution Success?

ARGO Connects Helps FIs Manage Reputational Risk Associated with Operational Reliability

Meeting Customer Needs with a Digital Solution

The Importance of an Enterprise Master Person/Patient Index (EMPI) Solution to Healthcare Providers

The Importance of Data Quality and Patient Matching Accuracy in Healthcare

Why System Integration is Important for EMPI Solutions

Improve Resolution Efficiency with Matching Processes and Workflows

How EMPI Solutions Support a Long-Term Strategy Through Management Insight

Resource Commitment Required for a Successful EMPI Implementation

How Technology and Analytics Support Anticipating and Meeting Customer Needs

How FIs Use Technology to Demonstrate Empathy Through a Listen-Respond Model

How a Listen-Respond Strategy Can Work for your FI

How FIs Obtain and Assimilate Valuable Self-Disclosed Information

How Technology-Driven Customer Relationship Management Augments Customer Acquisition and Expands Customer Relationships

How FIs Can Simplify Self-Service Fulfillment

How FIs Can Protect the Fulfillment Process Through Digital Issue Detection?

Framework for Sales and Sales Performance Management Success in an Omni Environment

How Robust Customer Knowledge Benefits FIs

The Customer Journey Shift in Today’s Omni-Channel Ecosystem

Detecting Customer Needs Early in the Customer Journey Using Digital Sensory Signals

How Mitigating Process Risk Drives Profitability for Commercial Lenders

The Role of Book of Business in Improving Acquisition and Expansion

Service Challenges Financial Institutions Face in an Omni-Channel Environment

Midwestern Top 100 Regional Bank Reduces False Negatives, Financial Losses, Operating Expenses and Reputational Risk With OASIS

How Financial Institutions Can Help Corporate Customers Prevent Fraud

How a 100-Year-Old Financial Institution Strengthened Payee Verification and Treasury Management Services with ARGO’s SAND Solution

Providing Frictionless Customer Experience Through Omni-Channel Application Processing

Lead Generation: Detecting and Engaging Prospects and Customers Based on Digitally-Sensed Needs

Elevating VoC Feedback to Drive Meaningful Results

Key Takeaways from The American Banker Digital Banking Conference

How Financial Institutions Can Get Service Right in Omni-channel Delivery

Engaging Customers in an Omni-Delivery Ecosystem

Sales and Sales Management in an Omni-Channel Environment

Fraud Mitigation Issues all Financial Institutions Need to Manage

How Financial Institutions can Prevent Fraud with Transit Items

Improving Over-the-Counter Fraud Detection and Mitigation

Automation Helps Financial Institutions Detect Fraud in Real Time

Reducing Fraud Loss While Improving Staff Efficiency

Origination Opportunities and Risks for Financial Institutions at the Point of Sale

Technology Mitigates Five Categories of Risk for Financial Institutions

Mitigating Customer Attrition Risk

How Digital Solutions Protect a Financial Institution Against Reputational Risk

The Role of Analytics in Fraud Prevention

Decreasing Fraud Loss for a Midwest and Northeastern Bank

Simplifying Self-Service in Today’s Omni-Channel Environment

Helping Financial Institutions Protect Business Customers Against Fraud Loss

National Top 5 Bank Greatly Improves Their Counterfeit and Forgery Detection Rate

Combating Critical Fraud Risks Associated with ACH Processing with Automated Fraud Solutions

How Automated Fraud Solutions Address Fraudulent Cash Transactions and Money Laundering Threats

Complying with the Federal Reserve's Move Toward New Fraud Reporting

What to Look for in an Automated Fraud Detection Solution

Asking the Right Questions to Gather VOC Knowledge

What Can My Financial Institution Learn Utilizing a Voice of the Customer Program?

Implementing a Successful VOC Program

Listening to the Voice of the Customer

ARGO Connects at CBA Live, March 7-9

Integrating Fraud Solutions with Existing Data Sources

What to Expect When Implementing an Automated Fraud Detection Solution

Detecting Fraud with Analytical Technology

The Role of Analytics in Fraud Prevention

The Importance of KPI Management Insight and Reporting for Fraud Mitigation

ARGO’s Path to Combating Fraud

How Financial Institutions Can Effectively Combat Check Fraud

4 Key Omni-Channel Trends Impacting Financial Institution Strategies

Importance of Customer Knowledge Accumulated Through Digital and Staff Channels for Financial Institutions

The Evolving Role of the Branch and Contact Centers

The Role of the Banker in an Omni Delivery Environment

Successfully Managing Service Requests in an Omni-Delivery Environment

The Role of the Branch in an Omni Delivery Model

How Abandonment Retargeting Can Positively Impact Financial Institutions

A Six-Pillar Campaign Strategy to help Financial Institutions Achieve Quantifiable Results in a Digital Era

How FIs Optimize Engagement through Timely and Relevant Content

How Financial Institutions Can Target Specific Audience Groups

How Financial Institutions Benefit from ARGO Connects Consumer Lending Solution

How Financial Institutions Can Optimize Consumer Lending in a Digital Environment

Listening to Customers and Prospects in a Digital Era

Record Uptime Evidenced by the 2020 Operational Reliability Results for ARGO Early Detection Monitoring Service

How Financial Institutions Can “Listen” to Customers and Prospects in a Digital Era

How ARGO’s Digital Personal Financial Planner Drives Ongoing Customer Engagement and Relationship Expansion for Financial Institutions

How FIs Strengthen Customer Relationships Through a Digital Personal Financial Planner

Why R&D Investments are Important for Fintechs

How Digital Solutions Protect Financial Institutions Against Reputational Risk

How Financial Institutions Can Mitigate Operational Risk in a Digital Environment

Ensuring Compliance in a Digital Era

How Banks and Credit Unions Can Reduce Risk in an Omni-Channel Delivery Environment

Optimizing Omni-Channel Business Lending

How Financial Institutions Can Meet the Needs of Business Customers with Omni-Channel Solutions

How Financial Institutions Can Utilize Decision Management To Optimize Their Omni Channel Delivery Systems

Technology Infrastructure for an Omni-Channel Customer Delivery System

Using Analytics In the Digital Delivery Model Proves Beneficial for Financial Institutions

The Importance of Customer Centricity in a Digital World

How Analytics Can Transform Banks’ and Credit Unions’ Digital Delivery Methods

The Important Elements of Customer Experience for Financial Institutions

Seven Key Features of a Customer-Centric Solution for Banks and Credit Unions

Credit Underwriting: Improving Transparency and Avoiding Bias Through Automation

How Soon Is Now? Meeting Client Expectations with Automated Credit Underwriting

Why Clean Healthcare Data Matters – and Why Tomorrow Won’t Look Like Yesterday

The Pros and Cons of Machine Learning

The Key to Bank and Customer Health in the Fight Against Synthetic Identity Fraud

Artificial Intelligence: You’ve Got the Data – Put It to Work!

Will Digital Fulfillment Banking Technology Embrace the New Online Generation?

Using Machine Learning to Combat Third-Party Fraud

Leveraging Decision Support Software to Improve Risk Management and Performance

How EMPI is Tackling the Duplicate Records Problem in Healthcare

FinServ, FinTech and Omni-Banking Take Center Stage at Digital Banking 2019

Establishing New Customer Relationships: Balancing Inclusion and Risk Against Fraud Avoidance

Six Troubling Customer Stats That Could Improve Your Bank’s Digital Fulfillment Strategy

A National Patient Registry, and Other Ways to Solve Inaccurate Medical Records

Ensuring Data Integrity Through Better Healthcare Technology

Bankers are Ready for Commercial Lending, but What About Their Technology?

Banking Compliance: The More Things Change….

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